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The phone number 800-860-8068 is a number you should get used to seeing. That number belongs to Professional Marketing International™and is your path to knowledge.

PMI has over 14 years of industry experience and expertise behind us. Our favorite part of our business is sharing the knowledge we have gained with our students. We gear our training toward helping entrepreneurs, business owners and investors build  businesses.  We specialize in several areas such as real estate and Internet business.

About Our Education

We provide our students with several methods of learning. These learning methods include webinars, one-on-one consulting, online courses and a hot line. Each method has been tried and proven not only by our students but our trainers as well.

At PMI we understand that everyone moves at a different pace and that all of our students come in with a different understanding of the industry. That is why we set up our lessons to be geared toward the individual. This allows you to move at pace that works for you.

Our education provides you with:

  • Proven strategies,
  • Personalized guidance,
  • Interactive online courses and
  • Knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your industry.

About Our Curriculum

We have online courses available for all our students. The courses can be accessed from your computer, your laptop, even your smart phone. You can log on any time, day or night. We want our lessons to be geared toward you, your needs and your availability.

Many of our students start our education while they are still working a full-time job. We understand that your time precious. That is why don’t set a schedule for you. You can move at a pace that you are comfortable with.

One-On-One Training

Our trainers understand what you’re going through as you learn and progress in the industry because they have been there before. All of our trainers have successful personal businesses within their specialized niche.

We make sure our trainers stay up to date with the most accurate and relevant information by holding weekly training sessions and requiring them to pass our internal certification tests.

PMI’s trainers are here to answer your questions, guide you through the curriculum, listen to your concerns and help you make important decisions that can lead toward your financial success.

Professional Marketing International can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve financial freedom and move forward in the industry. So don’t wait, answer the phone when you see 800-860-8068 and get started today.


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